Our Mission

We are a church initiative that exists to disciple young people to live fruitful and wholehearted lives for Christ in their communities. Discipling within an agricultural business context, we equip our apprentices with relevant agricultural and business skills to be productive and profitable people with the potential to transform communities and inspire others.



Our three sites based in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia, take full time residential apprentices for courses lasting between three months and two years. Within an inclusive and fun family environment, staff and apprentices live and work together to grow in our relationship with God, ourselves, others and creation. Through organised programmes, everyday interaction and intentional coaching relationships, we seek to know Jesus better, express our faith in every day life, grow in our capacity to serve others and life with an eternal perspective!

relevant training

We believe that alongside discipleship to live passionate God-centred lives, young people also need the skills and resources necessary to be productive and profitable. Therefore, Ebenezer apprentices receive practical and relevant instruction in business principles, agriculture, communication and numeracy. Training at Ebenezer combines classroom teaching and discussion with practical outworking in our Productive Learning Areas. Therefore, each apprentice not only learns about agriculture and business, they gain hands on experience and have the opportunity to partner in the running of an agricultural business.