Our Mission

We are a church initiative working to equip young people in rural Africa with the practical skills needed to run their own small-scale agricultural businesses, and the spiritual maturity to live Christ-centred lives in their communities. We do this by providing relevant training, coaching and practical experience in agriculture and business proficiency, alongside life skills.



We take full time residential apprentices for courses lasting between three months and two years. Apprentices receive training in business principles, small-scale agriculture and the Christian life. We combine classroom teaching and discussion with practical fieldwork so each apprentice not only learns about small-scale agriculture, but  has the opportunity to partner in the running of an agricultural business.

learn & earn

As apprentices partner with us in business and agriculture, they earn financial graduation rewards based on their harvests. These rewards are banked in individual seed capital accounts released to the apprentices on their graduation. This means apprentices have the financial means to establish their own businesses once they leave Ebenezer.