ebenezer RAPALE

Ebenezer Rapale disciples  young Mozambicans from rural areas in following Jesus, trains them in agriculture, aviculture, business and life skills, and releases them to shine in their communities for the glory of God. We aim to do what we do in a context that encourages healthy, real relationships, genuine engagement with God, and business activities that are self-sustaining. Profits from the apprentices’ business activities contribute to their tuition and can also accumulate as a cash amount they can use to help set up their own enterprises when they leave. All our apprentices live on site for the duration of their stay which can be up to 2 years. At the moment our farming activities focus on cropping (tomatoes and maize) and broiler chickens. Ebenezer Rapale began with our first group of apprentices in September 2013, and as of July 2019 we have had 85 apprentices through the program. The Ebenezer site is located on the same farm plot as a number of other organisations including a broiler chicken and feed company, an egg producer, and an international school.