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Ebenezer Matobo apprentices have been gaining excellent hands on experience in raising broiler chickens. However, our current set up means we are reliant on a generator for our lighting systems. As well as having a negative impact on this environment, this set up means we have an ongoing cost in fuelling our generator. 

By installing a simple solar system, we will significantly reduce ongoing costs at the same time as reducing our negative environmental impact. Join us here to get our chickens onto solar!


on-going giving

One of the best ways you can support Ebenezer Africa is through monthly giving. While we seek to cover our production costs through our agricultural production, the costs of our training, discipleship and … are met through the generous giving of partners. Regular giving …

one off donations

As apprentices partner with us in business and agriculture, they earn financial graduation rewards based on their harvests. These rewards are banked in individual seed capital accounts released to the apprentices on their graduation. This means apprentices have the financial means to establish their own businesses once they leave Ebenezer.